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magazine issue #43

2 March — 7 April 2012

32 rue Blanche, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

27 June 2012  >  30 September 2012

Curator: Carine FOL

With the works of : Nicolas BOMAL / Dirk BRAECKMAN / Daniel BRUNEMER / Jacques CHARLIER + Yaël NAZÉ / Florence CHEVALLIER / Julien COULOMMIER / Louis DARGET / Carl DE KEYZER / Joy EPISALLA / Andreas GURSKY / Viviane JOAKIM / Nicolas LEROY / David LYNCH / Ana MENDIETA / Arno Rafael MINKKINEN / Jorma PURANEN / Pierre RADISIC / Man RAY / Stephen SACK / Stephen SHORE / Hiroshi SUGIMOTO / Miroslav TICHY / Endre TOT / Marc TRIVIER / Gaël TURINE / Sarah VAN MARCKE / Bill VIOLA / Albert VON SCHRENCK-NOTZING / Francesca WOODMAN

Volume 2, Issue 1: Women

July 21, 2013 / artist projects

The plates of the present

photogram project

Organized by Thomas Fougeirol and Jo-ey Tang

“The plates of the present work are impressed by the agency of Light alone, without any aid whatever from the artist's pencil. They are the sun-pictures themselves, and not, as some persons have imagined, engravings in imitation.” - William Henry Fox Talbot, The Pencil of Nature, the first photographically illustrated book, published in six installments between 1844 and 1846.

Benjamin Laurent Aman  l  Éric Baudart  lEmilie Benoist  l  Robin Cameron  l  Elaine Cameron-Weir  l  Julien Carreyn  l  Davide Cascio  l  N. Dash  l  Sonja Engelhardt  l  Joy Episalla  l  Camila Oliveira Fairclough  l  Marina Faust  l  Benoît Fougeirol  l  Thomas Fougeirol  l  Munro Galloway  l  Fernanda Gomes  l

Amy Granat  l  Gabriel Hartley  l  Sonia Leimer  l  Agnès Lux  l  Bettie Nin  l    Sophie Nys  l  Nick Oberthaler  J. Pasila  l  Chloé Quenum  l  Shanta Rao  l  Carlos Reyes  l  Ola Rindal  l  Ben Schumacher  l  Takuji Shimura

Julien Sirjacq  l  Allison Somers  l  Jo-ey Tang  l  Thu Van Tran  lcc  l  G. William Webb  l  Ofer Wolberger  l  Elliott Wright  l  Carrie Yamaoka

TO SELVES: Joy Episalla and Susan Silas

March 7 to April 13, 2014

Opening reception: Friday  7 March   7 pm - 9 pm








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Joy Episalla     Street View Rear Window

March 8 — April 12 2015

work featured in:

Greater New York 2015

October 11, 2015 – March 07, 2016

Curated by

Peter Eleey, Curator and Associate Director of Exhibitions and Programs, MoMA PS1 Douglas Crimp, Art Historian, University of Rochester

Thomas J. Lax, Associate Curator, Department of Media and Performance Art, MoMA

Mia Locks, Assistant Curator, MoMA PS1

work featured in:                

                                             These Photos of TV Sets

                                             Celebrate Life’s Mundane Moments

                                             by David Rosenberg

27 May 2016  

: Joy Episalla’s 144 years thru Nov. 8